Submitted by: muyar   Date: 04-06-2017 12:47
Kazan Doğurdu


The Cauldron Gave Birth


One day, Nasreddin Hodja borrows a cauldron from his neighbour. When returning it, he thanks the neighbour and puts a small cauldron in it. The neighbour wonders what the smaller cauldron is about. Hodja tells the neightbour that his big cauldron gave bitrth to a smaller one, so the neighbour is glad.
After a long while, Hodja asks his neighbour to lend his couldron again. The neighbour willingly agress to give it. However, this time there is no word of either Hodja or the cauldron even after a long time.
Finally, the neighbour decides to broach the subjest one day.
-“Hodja, what’s happened to my cauldron?”
-“My dear neighbout, it’s been ages since then and your cauldron has died. I was wondering how to break the bad news.” Hodja says sadly.
Furious at this, the neighbour asks:
-“What on earth are you saying? Would a cauldron die? It’s not alive; how could it die?”
Hodja quips:
-“You believed that it gave birth, so why can’t you accept that it is dead?”

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