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Kasabayı Terket


Get Out of Town

It is bad day for Hodja. The people of Akşehir are very angry with Hodja. They want him to get out of town. They go to the Sultan and ask him to help. He tels Hodja to come to him.
«Hodja», he says, «the people of this town don't like you. They all want you to move to a different place»
«But I don't like the people here, Sultan. I want them to move somewhere else»
«But Hodja,» the Sultan went on, «you are one and they are many.»
«Well, then it's very easy for them,» says Hodja. «hey can all work together and built a new village in no time. They can build it anywhere they like. But sir, I am an old man. How can I, all alone, build a new house and preparea new field, all by myself?»



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