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Hodja's Trick

In Hodja's village there is a very noisy, very unpleasant young man. He is always saying that he can do everything. 
«I am the best swimmer in the village!» he says one day, «nobody can ride better than me!» he syas the next. Everyone is very tired of this boy.
One day, Hodja says to him:
«You know, I'm not very intelligent, and I don't like it when people play tricks on me.»
«Oh, I'm very clever,» says the boy. «Nobody can ever play a trick on me.»
«Are you sure young man?» asks Hodja.
«Quite sure.»
«Well, wait here,» says Hodja. «I must try to think of a trick to play on you.» After saying this, Hodja walks away.
Three hours later, the boy still standşng there, waiting for Hodja to return. A woman walks upto him and says:
«What are you doing, waiting here?»
«I'm waiting for Hodja to find a trick to play on me,» answers the boy.
«You idiot!» says the woman. «Can't you see that this is a trick? How much longer are you going to wait?»



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