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Nasrettin Hoca Kimdir?


Who is Nasrettin Hodja?

Nasrettin Hodja was born in 1208 in a small village in Sivrihisar. We do not know much about his early life, but we know one think that even when he was  young Nasrettin could make people laugh.

His father was a village imam. When Nasrettin was young the family moved to Akşehir. Nasrettin Hodja stayed there all his life.

The Sultan at this time was Sultan Timur Leng. Life under the Sultan was sometimes very hard. Perhaps this is why everyone liked Hodja. When people had  problems, he always had a clever asnwer and when people were sad he always made them laugh.

When he was older people called him «hodja» and he wore a special white turban.Later he also had a long, white beard. With his beard and turban he looked very intelligent.

Nasrettin Hodja lived a simple, honest life. He tried to make people think about life, but he also tried to make them laugh. He died in 1284.

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