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Su Dediğin Böyle Olur!


Water Must Be Like This!

While Nasreddin Hodja is traveling on a summer day, he feels very thirsty at noon.
He sees a lake nearby. He sits by the lake to drink some water.
He puts some water in his palm and drinks a mouthful of water quickly.
But it causes nausea and he tries to spit out the water. He tastes Acıgöl’s water for the first time, and its water with sodium sulphate disturbs his stomach.
While he is looking round, he comes across a small spring.
When he understands that it is fresh water first he rinses his mouth, then he drinks it. He also waters his donkey.
Later he looks at Acıgöl rising in waves noisily and puts some freshwater from the spring into his hands:

Scattering the water in his hands to the lake he says:
“Don’t put on airs like the rich but mean man’s property. What you call water must be like this!” 

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